Frequently Asked Questions

Send us your vehicle details as listed below to run a search to find OEM part numbers so that correct fitment parts for your vehicle.
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we do not have pick up facility due to the higher cost of public liability insurance, the low cost set up we have allows us to sell our product at a lower price and pass the saving to our customers, your understanding and cooperation will be appreciated.

Most our parts has 12 month or 50,000 km which come first warranty.

We supply aftermarket cylinder head manufactured and assembled in Taiwan from an OE manufacturer

We supply standard Head Gasket with the kit,if you need thicker gasket please do let us know so that we can ship the head gasket accordingly

Send us your full address to check ETA (Estimated time of arrival).

Send us your full address with the cylinder head model to determone the shipping Fee.

Let our experts tailor a plan for you.